Winter Wedding Tips

Frosty mornings, cozy fabrics, and hues of red and white, if these appeal to you then a winter wedding may be perfect for you! We’re diving right into this festive time of year and why not keep up with the festivities by planning your perfect winter wedding. While we know planning a wedding during the cold season does have it challenges, we have the perfect planning tips to accommodate!


Heat Things Up!

If your wedding is outdoors, consider using tents with heaters! This is a great way to keep yourself and your guests warm and happy so everyone can enjoy your big day! One major plus is that you can decorate the tent to match the festivities and get some amazing pictures to remember your day.


Wrap Up!

No one wants to be shivering at their wedding day so be sure to consider the temperature. Opt for a long sleeve wedding dress to stay warm! Bonus tip: if your wedding dress is long, wear thick leggings underneath for extra warmth!

Don't forget about your bridal party! Have them wrap up in cozy fur shrugs for a classic look that keeps the cold out!


Get Cozy!

Have a basket of blankets for your guests! This way they can bundle up during your ceremony. Also consider having a warm cocktail or beverage for your guests to sip on! This will help make sure everyone is comfortable and able to focus on you.


Emergency Kits!

We all know that the cold can bite, so have some emergency kits with some thoughtful goodies for your guests. You can include tissues, hand warmers, lip balm, hand lotions, etc.


There are many more tips for planning your successful winter wedding and we would love to be a part of it! Let's start planning the wedding of your dreams!

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