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Meet Our Team


AMW started servicing brides full-time in 2017 and averages about 50 weddings per year. Our staffing team for your wedding day is typically made up of one lead planner and two to three wedding team assistants. Our team is full of dedicated, brilliant young women ready to bring your wedding dreams to life. We can't wait for you to meet them!

Parker Coggins

(Lead Planner)

From Raleigh, NC, Parker is our Charlotte based lead planner. With a background in serving and banquet events, plus her knowledge from
years with the Master Golf Tournament she is the embodiment of Southern Hospitality! Parker has served over 50 AMW couples during their wedding since 2018.

Her favorite part of a wedding day is the couple's first dance. She explains that "not only is it a special moment between the newlyweds and parents, but I think these dances are the perfect transition from the ceremony into the celebration."



Sarah English

(Lead Planner)

Sarah joins us from Chapin, SC! Sarah has been part of the AMW team since the Fall of 2019. She specializes in day-of coordination and our couples onboarding program called Aisle Planner. She has assisted with over 30 weddings with AMW!

Sarah's favorite part of a wedding day is the first look with dad or groom. If they do not have a first look, her favorite part is when the bride walks down the aisle and the groom gets the first glance at the bride.


Anna Brady

(Lead Planner)

Anna joins us from Grand Rapids, MI! Also based in Charlotte, Anna has been part of the AMW team since the Fall of 2021. She specializes in day-of coordination, our couple's special orders and office management. She has assisted with over 15 weddings with AMW!

Anna's favorite part of the wedding day is seeing how happy the bride is watching the wedding design come to life!


Mary Gregory

(Lead Planner)

Mary joins AMW from Charlotte, NC! She comes from a marketing and public relations background, but has a passion for planning through her background in events, large-scale concerts, and sporting event management. Mary has been part of the AMW team since 2020 and has worked over 40 weddings and events during her time here.

Mary's favorite part of a wedding day is seeing the design come to life! Design is also one of her passions and she explains that "seeing the client's vision come together and then seeing the couple and family light up after everything is set up is the most rewarding."


Lead Team Assistants

 Planning Associates & Marketing Coordinators

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