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Alexandra Woodlief 

(Lead Planner & Owner)

Hi I'm Alexandra (middle name Madison) and the lead planner behind AMW

In 2013 the thought of Alexandra Madison Weddings began with a choice to go into training in several different areas that all help make wedding day magic happen. I have been lucky enough to have trained and had wedding experience in Santa Fe, NM, Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding Southeaster areas of South Carolina and Georgia. Within those areas, I have been able to train in:

- venue management

- client relations

- catering

- rentals

- wedding planning 

AMW started servicing brides full time in 2017 and averages about 20-40 weddings per. year. Our staffing team for your wedding day is typically made up of 2-4 employees. We can wait to get started! 

Jessica Jones

(Lead Planner)

In 2016, Jessica Jones joined the AMW team as a coordinator in training! Her growth and commitment with the company has been extraordinary. As a Chicago native, Jessica brings fresh new trans to the table for brides and is always consistent in her details.

Jessica comes from a banquet and serving background giving her the knowledge of perfecting a table setting. W its a degree in marketing / business management and hospitality, she joins the team with over 800 hours in wedding field training under her belt. 

Team Assistants

Behind The Scenes