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What Should Your Bridesmaids Be Wearing Right Now?

As the flowers start to bloom and the sun begins to set a little later each day, the beautiful beginning of spring is accompanied by what is sure to be another beautiful wedding season! This year's trending styles are already appearing among bridal parties everywhere. Here is what you should keep an eye out for:

1. Mix and Match Dresses

The mixing and matching of dresses - as opposed to one for all - has continuously grown in popularity over the past few years and does not show signs of stopping any time soon! This non-traditional route allows for more variety among style, fabric, and even color, ensuring that each member of the bridal party can look and feel their best.

2. Satin

The classic look comes with a satin gown will always add an element of beauty and elegance to your bridal party and wedding. The versatility of the fabric, in both color and style, tailors to a variety of tastes and silhouettes, making it a great option for the big day.

3. Patterns

Similar to the mix-and-match of gowns, including and mixing patterns has grown in popularity as well. This non-traditional route allows the bridal party to display a charmingly unique look, full of life and personality.

4. Earth Tones

The rise in earth tone among bridal party gowns has grown with the popularity of bohemian, nature-inspired wedding themes. This cohesive and calming palette acts as a perfect compliment to the soon-to-be newlyweds, giving them their moment to shine while standing out on their own as well.

Follow the new trends and explore more styles with Bella's Bridesmaids.

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