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What Should the Mother of the Bride Wear?

Being the mother of the bride typically comes with many responsibilities. While being by the bride’s side through each decision and offering wise advice, the mother of the bride can not forget about finding the perfect dress to celebrate in! We have compiled some of the best mother of the bride looks to help you navigate what matches your style and the wedding attire.


Satin fabrics are one of the best choices for fancy wear. Satin looks both beautiful and elegant in any shape and style. Even with a simple cut, satin creates a very clean, elegant look and can be a perfect match all year round in the right color.

Photos by Taylor Jordan Photography, Adrienne Cooper Photography, and Philip Casey

Bella Bridesmaids has gorgeous bridal party dresses and gowns! Their satin dresses come in over ten different colors and so many different styles. These dresses can make for the perfect mother of the bride dresses.


From beaded dresses to printed designs, a pattern mother of the bride dress can create such a fun vibe for your daughter’s wedding. Your daughter's wedding is the perfect time to dress up into your very best! Beaded and patterned dresses are always an eye catching and timeless look all year round.

Photos by Markie Walden Photography,