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What's Trending? Summer 2022 Wedding Trends

With summer in full swing, the bells are ringing as the wedding boom of 2022 continues, following record breaking numbers of postponements and cancellations due to the pandemic. Easing COVID restrictions are allowing couples to have bigger celebrations and ditch the intimate guest list.

At the height of the pandemic, couples were finding inventive ways to make their weddings days highly personalized, creative, and fun, through unique courthouse weddings and elopements. This year, we are seeing couples continue to push away from tradition and design their wedding days in out of the box ways.

Keep reading for some of our current favorite summer wedding trends!

Bridgerton Inspired Weddings

Netflix's hit Bridgerton has taken the world by storm, and that includes the wedding industry! This British inspired aesthetic is characterized by tones of blue, puffy sleeves, antique accessories, and a regal amount of florals. We loved this recency romance trend so much, we inspired a styled shoot from it!

Unusual Wedding Attire

The pandemic trend of micro-weddings and elopements gave rise to a trend of breaking the mold and celebrating each couple's individuality. Brides and groom everywhere are ditching tradition and stepping out in what makes them feel the most confident and themselves.

From short dresses to bridal pantsuits to colorful and patterned gowns, brides are making their own rules. It's your day, so express yourself in whatever way makes you the happiest!

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