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Wedding Guest What to Wear Guide

Attending a wedding soon and are unsure of what to wear? Here is a guide to help make sure you are dressed your best!


Find Out the Formality

The invite is a good reference point to determine how formal the wedding dress should be. If the invite states that the wedding will be “Black Tie” or “White Tie,” the dress code is more strict. For men, a formal tux or suit in a darker color with matching dress shoes is the best option. For women, options are more open, but it is best to stick with a longer, formal gown or cocktail dress! If the invite does not state a specific dress code, the general rule is that it is better to be overdressed than underdressed! And don’t forget to check the wedding website if the couple has one!


Take into Account the Season

Another good place to start is with the season the wedding will take place in. A winter wedding is a great time to pull out your more formal options! Going for darker tones and fun heavier fabrics, like velvet, is a great way to look elegant while still staying warm! Men can go for a wool suit or stylish laying options, such as a wool or zip up sweater. A trendy velvet blazer is another awesome way to look classy and layer up for warmth!

For a summer wedding, stick with lighter fabrics and keep the layers to a minimum, especially for outdoor weddings. A light, floor-length flowy dress is a good opti