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Trends For Bridesmaid's Dresses in 2021

Having trouble deciding on one look for your favorite gals on your wedding day? 2021 is bringing back the mismatched bridesmaid trend, so you’re in luck!

Today on our blog, we’re breaking down the best ways to hop on the mismatched trend for your upcoming wedding!

1. Mismatched Maid of Honor

If you’re looking for a way to highlight your MOH without leaning too far into the mismatch trend, opt for a different dress for just her! You can choose a floral option in the same color or a dress with a different style in the same color. Keep the rest of your girls in the same dress to make your MOH pop!

2. Same Color and Fabric but Different Styles

If you want to an option that works for your bridesmaids with different body types but want a cohesive look, this is the best option for you! For this look, you can pick your dresses from the same designer, in one fabric and one color, but with different styles.

3. Same Color or Fabric or Style

This in between option lets you choose which aspects of your bridesmaid dresses you want the same and which you want to mix up! Think some satin and some velvet or some blues and some grays! Let your girls give you their input on what dresses look best on them (of course fitting with your wedding day vision)!

4. Full Mismatched