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The Guide to Micro-Weddings and Elopements

As the wedding industry constantly changes, so do couples’ expectations of their special day. Alexandra Madison Weddings, in the wake of COVID-19, has continually adapted to all of these changes. The biggest change has been the move towards micro-weddings and elopements, which cut down weddings from 250+ guests to your immediate family, closest friends, or just the couple. We want to give you a guide on the difference between micro-weddings and elopements, because they are a little bit different!



Micro-Weddings still require key details in order to make your special day run smoothly. About 50 guests generally attend micro-weddings, which cuts down your guest list to only family and closest friends for a lot of couples. A common misconception is that couples are saving a good portion of their budget by cutting down the guest count, but for some couples, they choose to reallocate the budget to enhance their favorite aspects. This is because they want to give the same experience to their guests as they would have at a larger ceremony and reception.

The biggest difference between a micro-wedding and an elopement is that a micro-wedding will include aspects of a larger wedding day, such as an open bar, stationed/seated dinner and dancing but it is more relaxed because of the smaller guest count. The smaller guest count also means they can spend quality time with their family and closest friends, whereas at a larger reception, they would maybe feel pressure to talk to everybody!



Although elopements do not require as much planning as a micro-wedding, we have planned elopements during this wedding season! Elopements can be at a destination wedding venue with your partner and a witness, a city hall, a nearby venue, or anywhere you want to! Elopements are extremely intimate, with a mixture of traditional and nontraditional wedding traits.

For example, a traditional venue is not required, a photographer and officiant can be your only guests and you can wear whatever attire you want to! This also means that financially, couples can save a substantial amount of money because it can be a dinner for two rather than more guests! It is all about you and your partner and you can focus on what is special to you, getting married!



Photographer: Markie Walden

Photographer: Philip Casey

Photographer: Rainsford Photography

Photographer: Riley Morgan

Photographer: Wesley Peterson

Photographer: The Wedding Click

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