Tent 101: What you should know!

Tents are in! We sat down with our industry rep, Jason Desaulniers with Party Reflections, and discussed all things tents and the need to knows when planning for your special day!

Q: What are some must-knows when talking about tents?

A: Some basics to know would be the three different tent styles and their specific materials and key details. There is the sailcloth tent, the pole tent, and the frame tent.

A sailcloth tent features a canvas material similar to sailcloth from a boat.

A pole tent is similar to a sailcloth tent but uses shine vinyl.

A-frame tent uses metal frames rather than poles to support and can use white or clear material.

Q: What style is emphasized through each tent?

A: Both the pole tent and the sailcloth tents are similar in the style it creates and it really boils down to how you decorate. Both are visually a blank canvas and can create a variety of different looks. Frame tents offer a variety of different styles between the clear top and white top, as well as the way you decorate the inside and outside. Pole Tents offer a basic look and are pretty much you see what you get so sail cloth tents and frame tents have a lot of different possibilities for the different ways they can be styled.

Q: How do different seasons and environments affect each tent type?

A: Each different tent style is more based on the venue. Tents can have air conditioning and sides that make it where weather conditions and the environment really have no bearing when factoring all the details for each tent.

Q: Which tent is the most simple option?

A: All of the tents work well but the open-aired pole tent and sailcloth tent are the most probable. It is important when thinking about venue and tent choice that trees must have enough clearance so that the top of the tent is not damaged. Regardless of what works best, it really boils down to aesthetics the couple desires for their day.

Q: How has the trend for different tent styles developed?

A: Sail Cloth Tents are increasing in popularity and recent trends have encouraged that recent popularity. Clear top frame tents are increasingly popular as well as draping in a frame tent.

Huge Thank you to Jason for taking the time to give us the rundown on all things tents!

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