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Reception Exit and End of the Night Ideas

As the newlywed couple your wedding day is all about you! One of the exciting parts of any wedding day is fun exits and end of the night details that leave a lasting impression on guests! We are going to share some of our favorite exit ideas and reception details for your special day below!

Photo by Jessica Hunt Photo

First and foremost our most popular exit for couples is the sparkler exit! Your guest line your path and hold up sparklers to light your path. The sparklers create some of the most beautiful black and white photos! This is always a memorable exit and one that gives you a truly glamorous send off.

Photo by Markie Walden Photography

Next up having your college mascot attend the reception is always a fun end of the night detail, especially if you are like this couple and its a surprise! What can be better than having a dance party with the Clemson tiger and all of your college friends?

Photo by the Wedding Click

Our couples also love to bring out the foam glow, which are foam sticks that light up and in our opinion makes every reception dance party better.

Photo by Markie Walden Photography

For our final idea, we had to mention glow sticks, fun colored glasses, and of course fun wigs! These final details are just something to give your guests that make the celebration all that more fun as you dance the night away!

Overall, there are many different ways to make your reception unique and a memorable experience! I hope you enjoyed seeing some of our favorites that our couples have enjoyed at their own celebrations!

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