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Our Favorite Ways we Included the Pantone Color of the Year into Weddings - Illuminating Yellow

The new Pantone colors of the year are Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow - a combination of dull, familiar gray and the bright yellow of lemon skin. Take a look at how AMW has creatively incorporated the first memorable color, illuminating yellow, into our couples' wedding days!



Want to make your wedding invitations memorable? This bold hue adds a welcome pop of color to your big-day wedding invitations and even small hints of the illuminating yellow color is all it takes to make a statement!



Play up your venue's natural beauty with yellow floral details! If happiness were a color, it would be this one. Incorporating the sunny hue into your bouquets and arrangements not only adds a pop of color, but the bright blooms will add to your wedding as a whole for a beautiful, cheerful presentation.



Signature wedding cocktails gives you freedom to create any special drink that a couple desires. There are many different ways to incorporate this vibrant color into your drink choices. Opt for a limoncello sip or even a refreshing lemonade to add that ray of sunshine feel to your drink table.



This illuminating color is a fantastic way to capture your guest’s attention and add a pop of color to your wedding atmosphere and decor. You could choose a major statement piece such as a dessert cart like the one pictured, a vintage Volkswagen van, or even a cozy lounge setting. Or if you want to go less with the statements and more with the smaller details, add some touches of yellow around your bar or wherever you think needs more color. This beautiful yellow will not let you down!


Place Settings

Giving your place settings a contrast using this outgoing color will really make a difference to your tables. Napkins are a great way to put this uplifting shade to use at your wedding tables and to make your place settings more vibrant!



Photographer: Carly Jade Photography

Photographer:: Sacia Matthews Photography

Photographer: Markie Walden Photography

Photographer: Jessica Hunt Photography

Photographer: Sarah Pascutti

Photographer: Ashleigh Donahue Photography

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