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Our Favorite Ways we Included the Pantone Color of the Year into Weddings - Illuminating Yellow

The new Pantone colors of the year are Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow - a combination of dull, familiar gray and the bright yellow of lemon skin. Take a look at how AMW has creatively incorporated the first memorable color, illuminating yellow, into our couples' wedding days!



Want to make your wedding invitations memorable? This bold hue adds a welcome pop of color to your big-day wedding invitations and even small hints of the illuminating yellow color is all it takes to make a statement!



Play up your venue's natural beauty with yellow floral details! If happiness were a color, it would be this one. Incorporating the sunny hue into your bouquets and arrangements not only adds a pop of color, but the bright blooms will add to your wedding as a whole for a beautiful, cheerful presentation.