Micro Weddings: A New Normal

During COVID-19, we have all adjusted to many "new normals," but one of the wedding industry changes may be here to stay - micro weddings! What exactly is a micro wedding? Well, a micro wedding is just as special as any other wedding, except it is typically with 50 people or less.

Even though micro weddings are a smaller scale than a traditional wedding, AMW is still here to help you plan all of the details that go into your perfect intimate ceremony and reception. AMW works to ensure that your special day is focused on quality over quantity.

Whether your big day was interrupted by COVID-19 or you just do not feel that a traditional large wedding is for you, look into having a micro wedding before you head to the courthouse!

Here's a short Q&A from our Owner, Alexandra Woodlief about Micro Soirees!

Q: What is the average timeline of a micro wedding?

A: Smaller scale means less time! A lot of our venues are doing a reduced or half-day rate to accommodate a micro wedding setting. Setting up for 26 can be done a lot more quickly than for 200! We often ask for 3-hours of set up and 1-hour of breakdown for a micro-wedding.

Q: What are alternatives to an actual wedding venue for a smaller budget?

A: Some of our brides who decided to save their venue for the next year opted to just have their micro wedding at a personal residence OR an Air BnB is a great alternative for this too! For an at-home event, it is important to still bring in some rentals to accommodate the number of guests. Pro Tip: Clear out a room in the house that gets a lot of sunlight!

Q: What type of rentals should I plan for?

A: Typically for a micro wedding it is best to have guests stand for the ceremony if you are looking out for the budget. Rentals should include: A "King" sized dinner table, chairs, dinner plate, salad plate, full dinnerware set, cake plates (commonly forgotten!), water goblets, drink dispenser, champagne flutes, standard wine, and napkins!

Q: Tips for things commonly forgotten? Or micro-secrets to share?

A: Often I see brides opt to give up traditions when they go with a smaller celebration, but I am here to tell you you DON'T have to! It is still your wedding no matter the size! Take this smaller number and make something fabulous with it. Order patterned plates or a colored napkin to make a statement, do get the cake and set up a nice little display for it, and have the cake cutting! Assign seats to your table so it seems thought out, and don't forget the candlelight!

Take a look at a few micro weddings we recently did:

Wedding Vendors:

Coordinator: Alexandra Madison Weddings

Photographer Photo 1 and 2: Courtney Price

Photographer Photo 3, 4, and 5: Markie Walden

Photographer Photo 6: Brianna McCarthy

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