Meet Jess Jones

As a sixth grader, I wrote a letter to my future self that would be given to me on my high school graduation day. In it, I wrote that I hoped by then I would be on my way to become a wedding planner in South Carolina. Now, just weeks away from graduating from the University of South Carolina, I am so excited to be continuing my work with Alexandra Madison Weddings as a lead planner! 

My name is Jessica Jones, and I’m so excited to share a little bit about myself with you! I joined the AMW team as our first intern and have worked my way up within the company over the past few years, loving every couple I’ve had the pleasure of working with! 

I love working for AMW because of the commitment our company has to making the wedding planning process as stress-free as possible and our dedication to creating beautiful, personalized, and memorable weddings for our couples. The growth that I’ve witnessed during my time at the company has been inspiring, and I am so excited to see where we go next! I have worked just over 30 weddings so far, and by this time next year, I will more than double that number! 

Alexandra is one of my greatest mentors, and I am so lucky to have her as a boss and a friend! As a team, we combine creativity and organization in order to best serve our couples. 

Becoming a lead planner for the company, has been a dream of mine since I started as an intern, and I can’t wait for the new experiences I will have and new people that I will meet through this amazing job! I wanted to share some fun facts about me and some designs I’m loving right now so you can get to know me better! 

Fun Facts About Me!

I build balloon art! Balloon arches and installations can add a bit of fun to any event, and I love making them. I’ve created pieces for The Olive Gathering, Cirque Du CMA, UofSC Fashion Board’s Annual Fashion Show, and multiple private events.

I spent a summer studying luxury management in hospitality and retail at Polimoda in Florence, Italy!

I love making charcuterie boards and definitely think they count as dinner if you do it right! 

I am moving this summer and so excited to decorate a new home! Dreaming of the day Final Cut opens back up. 

I am a dedicated Cantina 76 fan! With our office being right across the street, you can find me enjoying lunch at my desk with tacos and queso to-go! 

Designs I’m Loving for Summer 2020:

  1. Dried florals and dried fruit in installations! 

  2. Summer pastel colors for everything from linens to balloon installations to bouquets! 

  3. Cute little carts with desserts or specialty drinks or ice cream! 

  4. Boho neutrals! Loving terracotta, burnt orange, and earthy colors!

  5. Fun wedding accessories! Give me a bride in a hat or non traditional shoes! 

I would love to get to know you better too! Let’s chat weddings over a trio at Cantina?



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