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How to Set Up a Cozy Fall Picnic

Now that the “glamping” trend has taken the party-world by storm, since a pandemic hit, and adults needed a space-friendly way to get together.

Picnic Pop Up SC was created during 2020 as a COVID-safe social distancing activity, but since then, it has become a trending new pop up party! Now brings the question, with the coming cold weather, how do we picnic?

Days are starting to get shorter and cooler, that doesn't mean we have to ditch our Popup Picnic dreams. Autumn is a wonderful season to enjoy picnics – changing colors, autumn florals, and a bounty of treats from harvest time all contribute to a great meal outside.


1. Check the forecast before you go! If picnicking outdoors, remember fall weather can change quickly, so make sure to check your preferred location's weather. Don't forget to pack layers!

2. Fall-themed charcuterie boards! Use seasonal fruit such as grapes, cranberries, and figs to pair with a selection of your favorite meats and cheeses. Pumpkins are also a must-have to decorate your board with a pop of fall color, and could also serve as a decoration!

3. Bring throw blankets and pillows. Pack items you don’t mind getting a little dirty; pillows are a must for comfort when dining on the ground. Add some fall colors in to create an autumn vibe!

Again with shorter days and colder breezes, there are plenty of ways we can cozy up for our Picnics! With the changing colors, autumn florals, and a bounty of treats we can make the fun Summer picnics a Fall trend!

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