Guide To Your Wedding Table Setting!

Whether you're having an outdoor or indoor wedding, seated or stationary serving style a beautiful tabletop setting is a must! From the cocktail hour to dinner at the reception, there are many components that can go into making a great tabletop.

Step 1: Table Linens

There are so many options when it comes to picking out table linens that will match your wedding aesthetic. You can even mix-match different linens throughout your reception space, such as doing an accent table linen on your cocktail tables. AMW loves to highlight specialty linens for our cake and cocktail tables to give an extra pop of color and pattern!

Step 2: Centerpieces

From florals, to greenery garland, or even fruits, there is so much opportunity when it comes to making a great table centerpiece. Don't limit to just on the table we've been loving hanging floating floral pieces over our tables recently!

Step 3: Candles

Adding candles to your table top can be a great way to light up your reception area. You can mix them with florals or have them stand alone on a table. Having candles lit in the evening can create a romantic atmosphere. Don't be afraid to play with color when you use candles. This adds a nice pop of color! We've mixed pillar candles in glass and candlesticks below.

Step 4: Specialty China

When it comes to selecting plates, it comes down to how many courses you will be serving. You can have anywhere from one to three plates. You also want to pick out plates that complement each other in order to fit the taste for your wedding. * A trick from our team is if you want a "charger" style but you have stations at the wedding opt for a dinner plate to mimic this for the place setting instead of adding extra cost with an actual charger. *

Step 5: Choose your glassware

Glasses are a necessity to have on your table top. The types of glasses you will need will be based on what kind of drinks you will be serving. You can go for clear glass, colored goblets, or even a mix of both. Remember that depending on your serving style for your reception you might only need a water goblet on the table and the rest at the bar!

Step 6: Choose your cutlery

Like the glassware, what food you are serving will depend on what specific cutlery you will need. You want your cutlery to favor all of the other pieces on your table and match the style you are going for. Trending right now is a brushed gold! A little more modern than your old fashion shine.

Step 7: Pick out your napkins

Napkins are used as a great way to wrap up the look of your table top or to even make it more exciting. You can fold or lay it many different ways and even personalize them to fit your big day.

Step 8: Create your menu

Whether you want to have one or two for the table or one for every seat, a menu can be the perfect touch to the top of your table setting.

Step 9: Create your table numbers

If you have multiple tables in your reception area, having table numbers designed can be helpful to guests when trying to find their seat.

Step 10: Design and label your name place cards

We love how creative couples have gotten when it comes to displaying where their guests sit at tables. You can go from the traditional folded name card to having a special stone or oyster shell with their names on it for a souvenir for your guests to take home.

Wedding Vendors:

Wedding Planner: Alexandra Madison Weddings

Photographer Photo 1,14,18,56: Jessica Hunt Photography

Photographer Photo 2,17: Jessica Roberts Photography

Photographer Photo 3,4: Carly Jade Photography

Photographer Photo 5,11,16,20,39,55: Markie Walden Photography

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Photographer Photo 7,9,37,41,42,50,57: Courtney Price Photography

Photographer Photo 8,12,23,30,33: Nina Bashaw Photography

Photographer Photo 13,22: Danielle Hulsey Photography

Photographer Photo 15,25,29,32,38,44,49,53: Dana Cubbage Photography

Photographer Photo 19,27,31,35,45: Joshua Aaron Photography

Photographer Photo 21,40,58: Ashleigh Donahue Photography

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Photographer Photo 34,36,47,51: TribbleShoot Photography

Photographer Photo 48: Mallori Ma Photography

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