Do You Need a Wedding Planner?

In the age of Pinterest and working from home, many newly engaged couples think they've GOT this. They've hosted dinner parties before, have a wedding idea board on Pinterest, and have helped their cousin set up decor for their wedding. They've even been saving DIY wedding hacks from TikTok. They can definitely do it all on their own, and if they get stuck, they can ask their mom or their MOH for help. Right? Or maybe wrong? Do you need a wedding planner?

We know we're a little biased, but we say YES! Let us tell you why with the top 5 ways a wedding planner helps you!

1. We have vendor connections!

Your vendors can make or break your wedding day. Wedding planners can help you find the vendors who are going to fit your vision and deliver the best quality service for your day. They can recommend and connect you with the best people who can make your wedding day dreams come true. They can also help negotiate your contracts and pass on vendor discounts that they have!

2. We have the time!

Even in your work from home days, you're still super busy! Balancing wedding planning with your career, your family, and everything else can get overwhelming and make the process way more stressful than you imagined. Having a wedding planner will allow you to work on the fun parts while someone else figures out the nitty-gritty details and keeps you on track. Wedding planners work for you and take some of the busy work off your plate!

3. We have the insider tips and tricks!

Wedding planners will help you with the small tips and tricks that you hadn't thought of and maybe cannot find on Pinterest! They know the little things that will make your day even better! AMW couples don't have to worry about when they're going to get a bite to eat, how to cut the cake, or if adding a specialty drink really helps their budget!

4. We can put it all together for you!

So many fun details go into wedding planning, but in the end, those details need to be turned into a timeline, layout, vendor contact sheet, and more! In order for your plans to be executed by your vendor team, they will need all of the information organized in one place. Wedding planners do this step for you! We put it all together and fix any last-minute problems while you just get excited about your big day!

5. We can take away the stress!

With all of the family drama, financial conversations, and tiny details that go into wedding planning, your fun engagement can turn into a stressful wedding planning process. Wedding planners can take away that stress so you can focus on being happy and in love! Let us handle the budget and seating chart drama and you can go taste cake!

Check out our Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner for five more ways a wedding planner can help you with your wedding!

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