Details You Should Still Include At Your Elopement

When you hear the term elopement, what comes to mind? For most people, elopement means having little to no preparation or details. That’s where Alexandra Madison Weddings steps in to remind you, everything must have preparation and details!

We have created the ultimate elopement guide for our couples to review when eloping sounds better and better each time you think of it.


LOCATION Most venues expect couples to book their wedding venues months and even years in advance, depending on the demand of the location. If you find a venue that will accommodate a last-minute elopement, consider yourself lucky! There are many great alternatives, a public beach, a mountain top, or even a national park! Below we have listed 5 of the most desired elopement spots on the East Coast.

1. Martha’s Vineyard 
Location: South Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

2. Little Switzerland 
Location: Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina.

3. Folly Beach
Location: Minutes from Downtown Charleston in South Carolina.

4. Piedmont Park 
Location: Quintessential Atlanta in Georgia.

5. Rainbow Springs 
Location: North of Dunnellon in Florida.



Whether you are having 200 guests or 20, every bride deserves to look like a queen on the day she says, “I do.” When it comes to wedding dress shopping, the options are limitless. Typically for elopements, dresses are more casual than a formal gown. But depending on your style, you may still opt for formal over casual. A major trend we are seeing, and loving is white pantsuits! A pantsuit offers the perfect balance of chic and functional! Below we have listed our favorite elopement dresses or pantsuits by categories.

Long Dresses: 1. NICHOLAS x REVOLVE Simone Dress

2. Lovers + Friends Karma Maxi Short Dresses: 1. DB Studio Strapless Crepe Feather Trim Mini Dress 2. Alice & Olivia Rosia One Shoulder Mini Dress

Pantsuits: 1. Lulus All Your Heart White Lace Strapless Jumpsuit 2. DB Studio Sequin Spaghetti Strap Blouson Jumpsuit

And just like our Brides, every Groom deserves to look like a King on the day he says, “I do.” Make it easy for yourself and indulge in the new way to rent! Online tuxedo boutiques have been all the craze. All you need to do is build your look online, take your measurements to submit when ordering, and boom - a tuxedo arrives right to your door! Below we have linked premier providers of online suits! 

 Online Tuxedo: 1. Generation Tux 2. Frair Tux 3. The Black Tux



For starters, how many people are you expecting to host? Luckily there is no limit on how many people can attend an elopement! It can range from an entire guest list of family and friends, or just the officiant and witnesses! Make sure you send out an elopement announcement at least 2 weeks prior to the date. It can say something like, “We’re Eloping! Join us? Yes, or Nope!” Or the more traditional exchange, “We’re honored to announce the marriage of (spouse) to (spouse) on (elopement date) at (elopement location.)” Not feeling a mailed invitation? Go paperless! Digital wedding invitations have become the new normal as they are less costly and keep things casual.



Your wedding photos last forever! They will most likely resurface at any family event, or be used on display in your home, which means they must be perfect! Make sure to contact photographers who are willing to travel with you. Not all photographers are elopement photographers, so it is important to communicate effectively on what you have in mind. Make sure you choose somebody with a style that you love. It is best to do this early as photographers can give couples some of the best advice on location, timing, attire, and much more! 



If you are wanting to capture your special day on film, think about also connecting with a travel-friendly videographer! Some photographers have teams that can do both photos and videos, and others do not. For an elopement, it is best to find a team who can offer you both!



Many couples get so excited about their big day they forget there are various documents that are needed for a marriage to be legal. For travel elopements, it is best to get married legally in the state you currently reside prior to the elopement. If you are wanting to legally marry in the state of your elopement, do your research on what documents are required by the state so you can pack them with you!



At the end of your ceremony, it is time to celebrate! You can honor your matrimony in any way you feel comfortable. Invite your guests to join you for drinks at a 5-star hotel, or for a private dinner at a remote location. Depending on your guest count, you may or may not need reservations. But in our opinion, it is always better to double-check with the management of where you will be celebrating!


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