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Celebrating National Hair Day: Bridal Style

Happy National Hair Day! What better way to celebrate than with a blog full of gorgeous and popular bridal hair styles? Enjoy and let us know what your favorite style is!


The Classic Up-Do

One of the best ways to have the complete classic look on your wedding day is with a classic up-do hair style. This style is very popular for brides and adds a formality and sophistication to your look. The classic up-do pairs perfectly with a gorgeous veil, headband, or bridal hair clip.


The Creative Up-Do

There are so many ways to get creative with your wedding day, even with your hair! Creative up-dos are always so beautiful and can be done so many different ways with twists, braids, accessories, and more, while still maintaining a classy look!


The Braided Beauty

Braided hair is another very popular bridal hair style. Braids are perfect for keeping your hair out of your face and requires minimal touch-ups! Just like the creative up-dos, there are so many ways to be unique with braids, and your hair will look so beautiful as you make your debut down the aisle!


Long, Smooth, and Sleek

For our beautiful long-haired brides, we love the smooth and sleek look for your wedding day! It is such an elegant and classic look that is sure to turn heads!


Glamorous Curls

Glamorous curly hair is one of our favorite bridal hairstyles! There are a lot of curls to choose from - loose waves, tight curls, or beach waves. No matter what style you choose, you will look so fabulous, and your groom will love it!




Courtney Price Photography

Kati Mallory Photo and Design

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Simply Korsun Photography

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Ashleigh Donahue Photography

Dana Cubbage

Hair Stylists:

Blushwork Studio

Paper Dolls Hair and Makeup

Blue Orchid Salon - Jason

Jennifer Nolan Beauty

Lindsey Shealy

Nicole Rounds

Slate Bridal Hair and Makeup

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