AMW's Guide to Selecting the Perfect Venue

Alexandra has highlighted 3 tips to make choosing a venue easier on you through our YouTube channel, which we have linked below! Today we would like to break it down even further!

With the thrill of wedding planning also comes indecisiveness and hesitation. A way to curb these inevitable feelings is to start with the basics.

First, Guest Count Decide how many guests you would like to attend your wedding. This is crucial when picking out a venue as you do not want the area to be too much or too little for the number of guests you’ve decided on.

Second, Theme After the guest count, consider the theme you have been envisioning for this special day. A theme or vision can help eliminate certain venues by evaluating elements such as décor, venue layout, and an overall concept plays a huge role in event planning.

Third, Budget Next, gauge your budget. The last thing you want is to fall in love with a venue that is out of your reach! Make a list of venues within budget, and even below budget to give yourself room for elements like catering, décor, florals, wedding favors, and more! Some venues even offer in-house tables, chairs, basic china, and other décor essentials. This frees couples from having to hire a party equipment rental service!

Fourth, Stay Flexible Many couples come up with a date and then they begin researching venues, but we’d like to remind our couples to stay flexible! Sometimes venues can be booked months and even years in advance, so if you love a venue and they’re booked on the date you originally planned for, ask for alternative dates! It may just work out better that way! And always remember to start planning early, in hopes of avoiding being told no.

Fifth, Begin Contacting After this, reach out to the venue managers of the locations you have researched! You can find this contact information on their websites! Set up a time and date to tour! It is so much better going to the venue to see how you feel there! You may love something through a screen and upon arrival have a completely different feeling.

Sixth, Ensure Accessibility The main priority should be ensuring that every guest has a wonderful experience! This means double-checking with venues that they can accommodate for inclusion and accessibility! You can do this by submitting an accessibility statement, which mentions the need for ramps, wheelchairs, and different table sizes for cocktail hour!

Here are a set of questions to ask yourself when deciding on a venue,

1. What is the overall theme you are trying to embody on your wedding day?

2. What season do you plan on getting married in? (This can help you decide whether you would like an indoor or an outdoor ceremony and reception.)

3. What reminds you of your soon-to-be spouse?

4. Would you like a venue that comes with décor, or would you like to hire another company for décor / bring your own?

5. What’s the guest count?

6. What is a list of words that best describes the wedding of your dreams?

7. How do you envision yourself leaving your wedding?

8. Would you like to get the bridal party ready at the venue or a local hotel?

9. Do you want your ceremony and reception at the same place or different places?

10. If two different locations, have you decided on transportation?

Here are a set of venues for you to start the search!

1. The Lace House Downtown Columbia, South Carolina In-house rentals? YES Outdoor or Indoor? BOTH

2. The Cotton Press Little Mountain, South Carolina In-house rentals? YES Outdoor or Indoor? BOTH

3. Cannon Green Downtown Charleston, South Carolina In-house rentals? YES Outdoor or Indoor? BOTH

4. Magnolia Way Eastover, South Carolina In-house rentals? NO Outdoor or Indoor? BOTH

5. The Willcox Aiken, South Carolina In-house rentals? YES Outdoor or Indoor? BOTH

6. The Millstone at Adams Pond Columbia, South Carolina In-house rentals? CATERING Outdoor or Indoor? OUTDOOR

7. Lowndes Grove Charleston, South Carolina In-house rentals? NO Outdoor or Indoor? BOTH

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