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AMW's Favorite Wedding Photographers

One of the most important vendors for your big day is a photographer. Photographers capture all of the details of your special day so that you can have every single memory for years to come. Sometimes it's hard to pick the perfect one, but we are here to help! AMW works with a variety of photographers and videographers. Today we will highlight some (but not all) of our local South Carolina favorites!


Ashleigh Donahue Photography

Ashleigh has a passion for telling love stories through photographs. As a photographer and newly-wed, she puts herself into your shoes to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. She makes wedding day jitters disappear and seamlessly captures every detail of your big day. She wants you to enjoy every part of your wedding experience and leave the photography to her! We absolutely love working with her on wedding days! Check out her information below to see more of her portfolio or for bookings!



Philip Casey Photography

Philip Casey turns your wedding day into photographs that can be remembered forever. He is a photographer based in Charleston, but travels the state capturing weddings and portraits. His unique style includes a combination between lifestyle and impressionistic. Throughout his photos you can find timeless, clean, bright, and airy images. He was named winner of The Knot Best of Weddings 2021 and Hall of Fame 2021. He is loved by many of our clients, past and present! He is one of the best for sure! Check out his information below to learn more about him or to book him for your wedding day!



Courtney Price Photography

Courtney Price is a SC-based wedding photographer who is deeply passionate about creating a life-giving experience for brides & couples throughout their engagement season, and on the best day of their lives. Her ultimate goal is to capture memories and honor legacies through photography. Courtney feels blessed to serve you on your special day and shows it through not only her images, but also her compassion and kindness. She calmly and comfortably advises direction to make sure your portraits turn out perfect! The AMW team loves Courtney's work! To contact Courtney or meet her for a coffee, check out her information below!



Melissa Brewer Photography

Melissa Brewer is a South Carolina Based photographer who has been published in The Knot, Destination I Do, Love and Lavender, and Carolinas Magazine. Melissa loves documenting weddings because she is able to stand back and photograph all the love of family and friends on the bride and grooms biggest day of their lives. Melissa focusses on quietly and unobtrusively finding the perfect light, glamour, and drama of the bride and groom looking their best. She loves capturing all of the laughs, smiles, and tears that occur on a wedding day. To Melissa, photos are memories and photography is love. We love Melissa's work and she captures weddings and experiences very beautifully! Visit her links below to see more of her work and booking information!



Markie Walden

Markie Walden is wedding and life-style photographer based out of Greenville, SC. Markie believes in relational-centered photography of people over posing. Markie focuses on capturing the in-between moments and pays extra attention to the details on your big day. She also beautifully captures couples the way they are and the love they have for one another. Not only does she photograph your wedding day, she also helps with all of the steps in-between. From fetching the bride a glass of champagne to fixing your grandma's makeup! We love working with her on wedding days and styled shoots! She will forever be one of our favorites! For more of her work and booking information, click her links below!


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