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AMW Leads Answer Burning Questions

Since 2017, Alexandra Madison Weddings has been giving couples the opportunity to experience their dream wedding. We always love to highlight our beautiful couples and their special days and to make those dreams happen. Below, you can find answers to unique questions to get to know leaders behind AMW, Jessica Jones and Parker Coggins.

We asked Jessica:

What is a common misconception people have about wedding planners?

That you don't need one! Even if you love events and are detail oriented, you will definitely want someone to wrap up all of the last minute details and coordinate the day! No one wants your cousin or mom to have to lead the day and be stressed instead of spending it with you!

To you, what makes a successful wedding?

Weddings are successful when you are able to have a team of vendors work together to pull off the couple's dream day! With a great vendor team, couples might not even notice any issues that come up because they can take care of it on their own.

In your words, what does wedding planning mean to you?

Wedding planning to me is being able to take what a couple is dreaming of and putting it together for them. It is creating an event that embodies their love and their relationship. It is making what can be a very stressful process easier and enjoyable for our clients!

What is another necessity for couples getting married besides hiring a wedding planner?

The most essential part for couples is to make it about them! They only get this one day, so they should make it about them and their love rather than recreating a cookie cutter wedding from Pinterest that just looks nice.


We asked Parker:

What is something special that AMW, in particular, offers their couples?

Our team isn’t just limited to Alex, Jess, myself and our assistants… we have so many vendor connections that we love working with and can connect you to for more additions to the team that will bring your ideas to life on your wedding day!

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to begin their planning journey?

Always involve a wedding planner, whether you already know exactly what you want for your big day, or if you have little to no ideas at all! We are here to help you no matter how far along you are in the planning process. We can help you brainstorm from the very beginning, or help tie together your ideas and help you with details and give some insider tips you may not have thought of!

What is your favorite wedding-day moment?

The first dances!! I think the parent dances and the couple’s first dance are such a special moment and the perfect transition from the ceremony into the celebration.

What is a wedding trend you hope will never go out of style?

Personalized monogrammed crests! I absolutely love having something so personalized to use for your wedding marketing, decor, and accessories. I think it is a fun way to symbolize your names as a couple officially coming together and creates a great keepsake!

Ginger Jars!! They are such a fun addition to your decor and florals. As Alex always says, having a pop of color as part of your wedding makes your big day more memorable. The cobalt blue of the Ginger Jars are definitely a current color pop we are loving!



Planning/Design: Alexandra Madison Weddings

Photographer: Emily Veinberg

Photographer: Ashleigh Donahue

Photographer: Markie Walden

Photographer: Brianna McCarthy

Photographer: Carly Jade

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