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A Refreshing Summer Shoot

Since the Covid-19 pandemic has forced many brides to reschedule their spring weddings, we wanted to provide some inspirational ideas in order to turn their originally dreamt of spring wedding into a refreshing summer wedding.

AMW planned and styled a refreshing summer shoot filled with new ideas and ways to refresh and cool down wedding guests at a South Carolina summer wedding.

Refreshing Drinks

An easy way to keep guests feeling refreshed during your hot summer wedding is by having cold drinks readily available. We chose to have our favorite portable bar, the Bubbly Bus, serve prosecco and specialty mixed drinks. We incorporated our summer color scheme by adding balloon art to the bus. Another way to quickly cool down your guest is to have frose pops served during your cocktail hour or reception.

Summer Florals

Bright and bold colored florals are the perfect way to brighten up your summer wedding. Grapefruit pink, mint green and starburst yellow is the color palette we chose for our bouquets, which complemented the citrus decor. Don't forget about incorporating your furry friend, we gave Babs a grapefruit pink bow tie to match the color scheme.

Citrus Invitations

Lemons, oranges and limes are the perfect citrus details to add to your summer wedding invitation. Use fruits or starburst yellow flowers to add pops of color to your flat lay photos. For our wedding invitations we used grapefruit pink envelopes with a lemon design on the inside and light blue refreshing ink to keep them bright for summer time.

Citrus Elements

Summer weddings are the perfect time to add nontraditional elements to your wedding cake. For example we used dried oranges to create a whimsical design on a simple white cake. A way to use citrus in your decor is to take your choice of dried fruit and string them together to make a unique citrus background.

We are loving these trends that will keep your South Carolina summer wedding, refreshing for you and your guests.


Beverages: Bubbly Bus

Location: Adams Pond SC

Hair and Makeup: Pretty and Pinned 

Stationary and paper: Pretty Written Things 

Photography: Markie Walden 

Model: Charlotte Knoop 

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