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A Guide to Fun Wedding Favors

If you’re looking for some fresh new ideas to wow your guests when they leave your wedding, you’ve come to the right place! Wedding favors are a perfect way to send your guests home with a little piece of your special day. There are so many different directions to take when choosing a favor, let AMW guide you through the ultimate guide to wedding favors!



Giving your guests something that they won’t discard immediately leaves a lasting impression! Not to mention, succulents are inexpensive and last so long when taken care of properly. These little plants can even serve as name cards, adding the perfect sage accent to your dinner table!


Custom Cups

The perfect favor to use behind the bar that your guests can take home after! Not only do customized cups add a unique element of individuality to your reception, but when taken home, they can be used for years to come!


Rally Towels

A send-off accent and favor in all in one? Count us in! One of AMW's recent couples had their guests swing around towels when they departed and we are obsessed!



Matches will always be a timeless wedding favor. Not only can guests take a pack home and have them sit by a candle, but they even prove useful during your reception! They are also a fun personalization piece and a way for guests to look back and remember your special day!


Hand Sanitizer & Masks

Essential for any wedding amid the COVID-19 pandemic, why not give each guest their own supply? This realistic favor shows guests that you care and can be made very classy with a touch of personalization and color coordination.



Signature wedding koozies give you the opportunity to create a custom keepsake for your guest while keeping their drinks chilly throughout the night. Let your guest sip in style with these classic wedding favors.



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