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8 Ways to Welcome Your Wedding Guests

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

While weddings are about celebrating two people coming together, it's not all about them! Yes, it is also about the people who attend it-your guests! Your guests are extremely significant to your day, so it is important for them to feel welcomed and loved. Get inspired here with some fun welcome ideas for your guests!

Champagne! Champagne! Champagne!

Who doesn't love a glass of bubbly? Greet your guests to your celebration with a luxurious champagne tower! It's the perfect touch for a grand welcome as your guests arrive!

Or a champagne shelf or boxwood wall is another chic and memorable way to welcome your guests to your event!

Welcome Tables and Unique Guestbooks

A good way to be sure guests know the flow of events is offering a welcome table. It welcomes guests to your wedding and lets them know what is going on. A welcome table might have programs, fans, a card box, guestbooks, and even refreshments. Take a look at some of these welcome tables with fun and unique guestbooks for inspiration!

Globe Guest Book

Polaroid Guestbook

Wooden Guestbook


Welcome your guests with a refreshing signature cocktail!

Pup-tails are a very popular item right now! Who wouldn't love a cocktail named after your sweet pup!

Simple Sign

Not all welcome tables have to be elaborate or fancy! A table with a simple welcome sign and card box will still make an impact.

Personalize and be creative when it comes to welcoming your guests to your wedding and it's guaranteed to be memorable for all!


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