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2022 Wedding Trends

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Lookout: wedding boom of 2022! This year is about to set a record 40-year-high for weddings in the US, with 2022 being set to have over 2.6 million weddings.

The wedding boom is here and our couples are ready to celebrate their special days in style! Here are some trends we're seeing- and loving!

Hanging Florals

Hanging florals are quickly becoming a favorite! We are increasingly seeing large floral installations suspended from the ceiling above the dance floor or tables.

Themed Parties

Couples are putting the fun back in weddings and coming up with amazing concepts for their weddings. Welcome parties and rehearsal dinners are all about fun and people are even branching out with themes for bridal brunches, engagement parties, and even their actual wedding day. Themes such as retro disco, boho, or winter wonderland are just a few ways couples are choosing to express their personalities!

Wedding Weekends/Multi-Day Events

We are seeing a trend toward couples wanting to spread their event over multiple days over the weekend. People are expanding the event beyond the ceremony and reception, with different kinds of events spread over multiple days.

With events such as themed welcome parties, day activities, day-after brunches, and more, couples are expanding the scope of what a wedding is. Couples are extending hospitality and creating an experience for their guests.