10 Things to Know About Lead Planner Parker Coggins!

Is Parker going to be your day-of coordinator? You're a lucky girl! Parker is a very special asset to the AMW team and focuses on making sure your wedding day runs smoothly, bringing your vision to life, and ensuring your wedding guests enjoy themselves! The AMW team would truly be incomplete without Parker!

In honor of her birthday, we wanted to feature her by giving our wonderful AMW blog readers, future clients, and current clients ten fun facts about Parker!

Show her some birthday love via Instagram @parkercoggins.amw!

  • Parker currently lives in Charlotte with the aspiration of expanding the AMW brand further into North Carolina! She is a Carolina girl through and through with only ever living in the Carolinas!

  • Parker's time living in South Carolina was spent in school at the University of South Carolina. She graduated with a degree in Hospitality Management with a focus in Event Planning.

  • While in college, Parker was a member of the Beta Epsilon chapter of Alpha Delta Pi. Alexandra, as an alumnus, is still very involved with the chapter which is how the two met. There, Parker was introduced to AMW!

  • Before joining the team, Parker's background included weddings and events, banquets/catering, and sales.

  • Her guilty food pleasure is a good appetizer/small plate. Her favorite being a soft pretzel 🥨

  • As pink is her favorite color, she is obsessed with Peonies. Another favorite flower of Parker's has to be Hydrangeas. She loves their color variety!

  • Growing up in a very close family, Parker anticipates some of her favorite memories during her future big day involving them. She will have the "Getting Ready" photos with her mom, and plans to have first dances with both her dad and brother! The first dances at weddings are always a tear-jerker for Parker.

  • Speaking of dancing, her favorite place to visit is North Myrtle Beach, SC. This is where her family enjoys beach music and shagging!

  • The song Parker always loves to hear at weddings is Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton. Parker will never forget a band playing this song at one of the first weddings she ever worked. The AMW team just passed out glow foam to the crowd and the band’s lead singer knelt behind the groom as the groom proceeded to use his glow stick as a faux microphone to sing Tennessee Whiskey to his bride. Such an iconic moment!


Our last fact is from Parker Coggins herself!

"I am so thankful to be part of the AMW team as a Lead Planner. I definitely owe my love for planning and events to my parents (Chuck and Dee Dee) and my God Parents (Paul and Nettie). They always encouraged me to be creative and turn the smallest situations into special events. To this day, we laugh about one of my first planned events as a little girl was a family “fancy dinner” at Wendy’s (Yes, there was table linen and chinaware!!)"


Thank you, Parker, for your dedication and hard work! The AMW team and clients are so lucky to have you!

Follow Parker on Instagram! @parkercoggins.amw


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