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Your Guide to Columbia Venues: Magnolia Way

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Our team had the pleasure of taking a trip to Magnolia Way last week, and I think it’s safe to say we all fell in love! Magnolia Way is a hidden gem just half an hour outside of downtown Columbia. After hearing more about this Mount Vernon styled home, with lots of land and a lake, I think you’ll fall in love too!

Magnolia Way was originally built in the 70’s, but has recently been renovated to become the perfect venue for Columbia brides. With over 200 acres of beautiful land, Magnolia Way will “transport you to a time of Southern Hospitality and refined elegance.”

This venue is so different from a lot of what we see in Columbia, which makes it so special. On our tour our team got to see all of the hidden features of Magnolia Way! Driving down the long driveway, flanked by magnolia trees, you see horse pastures and land that stretches for miles. At the end of the driveway, you are met with an open field and a beautiful replica of Mount Vernon!

When entering the building, the first thing you see is an old fashioned sweeping staircase, like something straight out of a fairy tale. There is a long dining room table, perfect for a charcuterie spread or cocktails, and several rooms tucked away for guests who need to sit down. Towards the back of the house, you find a perfect bridal suite, complete with a sitting room, a huge bathroom, and beautiful design. In the backyard, there is a large grassy area and a separate building for the groomsmen to get ready in. This space has bunk beds and a large area for your groom to spend his time in before the big day!

My favorite part about Magnolia Way is the endless options you have there. Because there is so much land, there are lots of different places to hold your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception, making each wedding unique! With horse pastures, sprawling land, and classic architecture, Magnolia Way can compliment any style wedding, and will make your guests feel like they are in a different land!


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