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Ways to Incorporate your Dog Best Friend into your Wedding Day

There's no doubt that a couple's dog can be one of the most important things in their lives. With the trend of dogs being included in your wedding rising, couples have looked to find unique and fun ways to include their best friend on their big day.

Let's take a look at some of the ways our clients have included their dogs:

If you have a dog who loves the camera, you could always sneak them in for some photos! Whether it's with the couple, your bridesmaids, or the whole wedding party, having photos with your dog on the big day is something you can cherish forever.

You could include them in your wedding party as your flower dog or even your best pet! This is a great way to show your fur baby off to all of your guests. Throw on a cute leash, collar, or even a tux and they are ready to go!

Even if you decide to not have your actual dog there on your wedding day, there are so many other ways to incorporate them!

You could dedicate a personalized signature cocktail to them. Give it a name like "Spot's Mule" or "The Macy Citrus Gimlet" and include a picture or painting of them. This will serve as a sweet reminder of them every time you or your guests head to the bar to get a drink.

Even adding them to smaller details could be so special. You could add them to the graphics on your cups at the bar or even print them onto your cocktail napkins!

You could put them on your wedding favors to use during your reception and to take home after. This is a great way for you and your guests to remember the day they celebrated you, along with a drawing or outline of your furry friend.

Wedding Vendors:

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