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Q&A with our New Lead Planner, Parker Coggins

Meet one of our lead planners, Parker Coggins! She graduated from the University of South Carolina and comes from a background within hospitality and events. Parker has worked with private clubs, golf tournaments, banquet/ catering, and sales for over 6 years within the hospitality industry. Throughout these experiences, she decided weddings were her favorite, so in 2019 she transitioned to the AMW team to pursue her passion!


How would you describe your personal wedding style?

Parker describes her personal wedding style as “classic southern with modern, creative flares”. She loves ginger jars, exploring pops of color, and her favorite flower is a peony (definitely because it is the perfect shade of pink). One of her favorite modern touches to add is to mix gold, silver, and pewter accents! Although these are examples of her own style, Parker loves to be creative with the AMW team to bring any bride’s design dream to life!


Parker, what is your advice for a bride just starting her planning journey?

“It is never too early to involve our team. I would say our biggest success stories come from weddings where we start our planning process with couples before they even have some of their key details decided (such as their preferred date)! But on the contrary, if a bride has been dreaming of their big day’s details for years, they are still in the perfect situation to involve AMW in their planning process. We are able to walk any bride through planning to make sure all of their ideas can come to life successfully, in a budget-friendly manner, and with the best vendors involved. My favorite part about our AMW Team is our ability to make any amount of resources into lasting memories on a bride’s dream day.”


What is your advice for a bride on her wedding day?

“I always tell brides that your wedding day will forever be one of the most cherished days of your life. There has been so much build up, for most couples over a year of planning, until the very moment of your wedding day. My biggest advice is to check in with yourself throughout the day. Take a step back, take a breath, and look around you to take everything in. With the day being such high energy, it will fly by and you do not want a special moment to be missed. So take moments to 'stop and smell the roses'!"


We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Parker! One of the most common questions we receive is can brides book AMW as their wedding planner/coordinator if a team member is one of their preferred guests?

As part of AMW’s process we involve our whole team during the planning to ensure the ultimate success when preparing for your dream day. Once we get to your wedding weekend, we have a team of one Lead and a group of Apprentices and Associates to help execute your wedding day and any other festivities you request AMW’s presence. With that being said, anyone from AMW can be part of your guest list and your execution team can include any of our other team members, just let us know!


Thanks, Parker for all you do. We are so thankful for your eye for detail and your heart for everyone you meet!

To contact Parker:

Parker Coggins | Lead Planner | Alexandra Madison Weddings | | 919-268-6431

Photography by Courtney Price Photography

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