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Is Two Better Than One? Pros and Cons of Wearing Two Wedding Dresses

We all know every bride dreams of the moment they find The One - the dress of their dreams! But not all wedding dresses were made equal! Not all gowns are made for all day-wear, dancing, sitting, and eating. The trend towards multiple gowns has been coming in hot the past couple of years, especially with celebrities following suit and making stunning outfit changes during their wedding celebration.

So, perhaps you’re thinking about getting two wedding dresses. Maybe you’re the type of bride that can’t narrow down what kind of dress they want, or have multiple favorites? Maybe you’re the type of bride that likes to be a little “extra” fabulous or want to showcase your distinct styles. Whatever the reason, below are our pros and cons of having multiple outfits on your big day!


No Settling!

The two dress trend allows brides the opportunity to experiment with different silhouettes, colors, patterns, and styles they would love to wear on their big day, just not at the ceremony. If you want a more classic, conservative dress for your traditional church ceremony, but are looking to wear a sexier gown for the reception, this trend is for you!

Having two dresses allows you to have that traditional formality while still being able to express your personality with two completely different looks. And the best part- you don’t have to choose between your faves!


The actual wedding ceremony doesn’t involve much moving around. The reception however, that’s another story. With all the dancing, sitting, and eating, it might be more comfortable to have a less fitted option (or shorter!) dress.

Maybe you want a sleek, figure hugging dress with a long train for the ceremony, but still want to be able to move and dance at the party afterwards. That way you don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable and you can just focus on having fun!

Showstopping Outfit Change

Impress twice! Two dresses means you can have two distinct looks that will sweep everyone off their feet. Be fabulous, it’s your day!


Added Cost

Now, obviously, two dresses are more expensive than one! If you have space in your wedding budget for two dresses, great! You might have to get creative to create two looks or make compromises in other areas of your budget. However, if its okay with you and your soon to be spouse, by all means increase your dress budget for something you’re going to love!

Time & Effort

With two dresses, you’re going to need the time to make that stop stopping change. It’s going to require more coordination with your wedding planner and party to pencil in time to make that change. If you want formal photos in both dresses, you’re going to need to consider this too.

Less Time in Your Ceremony Dress

You spent weeks or months searching for the perfect dress, the one every little girl dreams of. You put it on for one of the most important moments of your life, and then it’s time to take it off again. Having two dresses means you won’t get to wear your ceremony dress for as long, and it might be a little sad to take it off.


If you are considering a bridal transformation during your wedding, make sure you consider all factors. There are some compelling pros and cons for wearing two dresses, but only you can decide what is best for your special day!


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