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How To Incorporate Your Pet Into Your Wedding Day

There is no question that pets are part of the family and deserve to be included in your very special day. We've compiled some of the most adorable ways to incorporate your pet into your wedding day.

We asked this beautiful bride what it meant to her to have her pup by her side on her wedding day:

"Having my dog Leila at my wedding as my flower pup meant so much to me! She has been a part of every other big life experience, the day would have been incomplete without her!"

- Megan Youmans, AMW bride


Walk down the aisle together

Having your pet walk down the aisle as the flower-pup, ring bearer, or dog of honor is the perfect way to include your pet and to make them feel special on your special day. What pet wouldn't love the attention received from walking down the aisle? Throw on a cute outfit, floral collar, or fancy leash and they are ready to make their entrance! This also makes for the most adorable photo op!


Include them in stationery and decor

One way to incorporate your pet into your wedding day is to include them in your stationery and wedding decor. Examples