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How To Ensure Your “ADULT ONLY” Request Is Kid-Friendly

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Contemplating how to politely ask your guests to leave their kids at home for the night? We've got you covered!

Although this may seem like an awkward request, there are a few easy ways to create the guest list of your dreams.



For starters, make sure your invitation clearly states who is invited to your wedding. By including specific names you leave no room for those invited to assume that their children are invited. Make sure not to mention the word "family." For example, "The Gregory Family," on an invitation may be interpreted as children included.



Providing a babysitter onsite for guests could be a good option for those guests who are traveling from out of town. Not only will this allow guests who must bring their kids to attend your wedding, but it also may provide some comfort for couples knowing their kids are close by.

With this being said, AMW has an amazing list of verified babysitters in the area.



We understand that finding the right wording on invitations can be challenging. We suggest deciding on using a formal or informal tone while addressing your guests on all correspondence.

Depending on the intimacy of your wedding, you may feel more comfortable being casual with your guests. On the other hand, if you're looking for an easier approach, striking a more formal tone may be more fitting.


4. HAVE A SET NUMBER ON THE RSVP CARD Including the number of seats reserved in the guest’s honor can be a subtle way to guarantee your "no kids" request. Details like this can make all the difference!

While finding the right words may seem awkward and confusing, following these steps will provide a gentle approach to creating your dream, "no kids allowed" wedding.

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