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Creative Wedding Bar Ideas That Will Amaze Your Guests

Having a bar at your reception is always a guest favorite - no matter what type of bar it is. Take a look at some of our favorite wedding bar ideas that aren’t just alcoholic drinks!

S’mores Bar

Provide your guests with a fun and easy s’mores bar! Create “s’mores kits” containing all the fixings including graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars. You can also add a little fun by setting up tabletop s’mores stations using sterno fuel cans.


Cigar Bar

Whether you're a cigar fanatic or a total novice, a cigar bar is an amazing way to add some flair to your reception and get your guests excited!


Dessert Bar

Adding a dessert station to your reception is a great way to stretch a dessert budget, especially if you have a large guest list and don’t want a big wedding cake. A dessert table gives guests options to choose from and the options you can choose are endless!


Candy Bar

What’s a sweeter idea than having a designated place to satisfy your sweet tooth? The best thing about candy bars is that your guests will love them, and they're SO easy to personalize. Gather up your favorite sweets or sweets in your color scheme and make it easy for your guests to pick and choose what candy they desire!


Covid-Friendly Bar

Spread love not germs! By offering your guests a designated area where guests can feel safe and protected with masks and hand sanitizer, it makes coming into close contact with people a whole lot easier during these times. You can also personalize your masks and hand sanitizer!



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Photographer:: Sacia Matthews Photography

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Photographer: Sarah Pascutti

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