The All-White Bridal Party Trend We're Loving

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

You heard it right- brides aren't the only ones who can wear white anymore! Normally, wearing white to a wedding has always been off limits and you might be thinking, "Bridesmaids in white? That's crazy!" You don't have to go too far back to realize it is, as a matter of fact, traditional! In the past, bridesmaids were actually expected to wear white, like the bride, to ward off evil spirits and confuse them. Today, the notion of only brides wearing white is changing and brides are increasingly having their bridal party, and even guests, in white! Follow along for our advice on how to embrace this trend without losing the spotlight!

White is simple, timeless, and classy. Your flower girl will most likely already be in white, so why not extend the aesthetic to your whole bridal party? How to still stand out, you wonder? The key is to make sure you are still noticeably the bride and to make sure your dress is distinct from theirs. Make your gown the starting point and get inspiration from there.

Simple Dresses

Consider the details of the dresses and different styles, styles that are much simpler. Play with different textures, lengths, fabrics, silhouettes, etc., that could be brought together by uniform bouquets. In the case of white dresses, while we love the mismatched gown trend, we would recommend going with identical dresses. Where shades of white are involved, there are occasions where things can look off. And this way, it will be obvious you are the bride and the attention is still on you!

Different Hairstyles

If you are wearing your luscious locks down and flowing, have your bridesmaids wear their hair in an up-do and vice versa. Having these different hair styles makes a huge difference in distinguishing you as the bride!

Flower Bouquets

All white dresses make for a perfect blank canvas for wedding florals. You can go monochromatic or create a dramatic contrast with deep colored flowers. The world is your oyster when it comes to playing with floral colors and white! If you are going with all white florals, make sure your bridal bouquet is noticeable larger than your bridesmaids' or make it pop somehow!

White is versatile and can work with any style of wedding, from boho to classic chic! There is a ton of variety when it comes to all white- the opportunities are endless! Whatever type of bride you are, you can't go wrong with this timeless look!


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