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Specialty Treat And Snack Ideas For Your Wedding Day

Who says that just because it’s your wedding day, you can’t have delicious snacks? If you are a snacker just like us, you’ve come to the right place! Having a little (or large) treat for you and your guests is the perfect way to spice up an amazing night of celebrating!

So let’s get down to it, wedding treats come in many different varieties. You can go savory or sweet, outsource the food, or have the vendors prepare it. Whatever you choose, what's most important is that it is a treat for your craving! Below are some of AMW’s favorite snack ideas for your wedding day:

Gelato Cart

A gelato cart is the sweetest way to keep your wedding guest cool! Especially if you are having an outdoor wedding, gelato is the perfect fit. Pick a few of your favorite flavors and make this unique idea yours!

Candy Bar

Perfect for the bride with a major sweet tooth, a late-night candy bar is the sweetest setup. You can select various kinds of candies from sweet to sour. Plus, a candy bar is a perfect photo opportunity!

Coffee Pick-Me-Up

Yes, coffee carts at weddings are a thing! We think it's such a fun way to spice up a brunch wedding. If used for a night wedding, it's the perfect pick me up after a long, but fun, night!


As a perfect Summer wedding snack, there's no better way to cool down than with a popsicle. There are so many ways to spruce up this classic frozen treat; try adding some rosé to create frozé!

Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwiches

It's hard to top this one! No caption is needed... From previous experience, AMW can confirm that this wedding snack is always a crowd favorite!

This list is just a few of the wedding day snacks AMW loves, but there are many more amazing snack options you can include to make sure you fulfill your snacking needs on your wedding day!


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