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Our Favorite Winter Wedding Trends of 2022

With October weddings at an end and the weather getting cooler, winter weddings are right around the corner. We are excited for the season and all the seasonal trends to come! Read along for some of our favorite winter wedding trends.

Monogram Everything

Monograms are in! We are seeing couples using monograms across anything and everything on their wedding day. From napkins, menus, signs, and even a monogrammed dance floor, this is a classic personal touch to add to your wedding. You can use your custom monogram beyond your wedding, using it on towels or napkins for your new home!

Markie Walden Photography, Courtney Price Photography, Simply Korsun

Warm & Magical Lighting

Candle light, fairy lights, and warm lighting sets a dreamy tone for you winter wedding. It creates an intimate ambiance that creates beautiful memories.

Anne Rhett Photography

Fur & Winter Wedding Attire

We love to see winter wedding attire every season. Couples are using different textures and fabrics to cover up the chill. From faux fur to lace to velvet to puff sleeves- the attire of the season is gorgeous!

Courtney Price Photogaphy, Simply Korsun, Anne Rhett Photography

Nature Elements

If you're having your wedding near the holiday season, but don't want to be over Christmassy- adding natural elements like seasonal fruits and berries or pine cones and leaves add a comforting and sweet touch to your tablescape or flat lay.

Anne Rhett Photography

Velvet & Lounges

We love this luxurious winter wedding trend. Whether its velvet suit jacket for the groom or velvet upholstered lounge furniture, this fabric is making an appearance in winter weddings!

Anne Rhett Photography, Brianna McCarthy Photography

Neon Wedding Signs

We love a neon sign at any time of the year, but it they seem to add such a special touch to winter weddings. And they are customizable, too!

Courtney Price Photography, Brianna McCarthy Photography

Black & White Formal

With every colorful and creative wedding trend, we still love a classic black & white formal wedding! Tuxedos, black bridesmaids dresses, bowties- we love this traditional winter wedding theme.

Markie Walden Photography, Simply Korsun

White Florals

There is something magical about the chill in the air and snow on the ground that has us loving all white florals for your winter wedding. It is a simple, but beautiful look

Simply Korsun, Courtney Price Photography, Alisha Rudd Photography

Holiday Cocktails

The perfect touch for your winter wedding is a seasonal cocktail! From champagne with cranberries as escort cards to a holiday inspired cocktail menu, they are the unique touch your wedding needs.

Courtney Price Photography, Anne Rhett Photography

We hope you were inspired by some of these winer trends, follow us to see our 2022 winter weddings!

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