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Our Favorite Wedding Cake Designs and Bakers in the South!

Wedding cakes and the tradition of cutting the cake are an important part of your wedding day, symbolizing the couple's first joint task and the shared life they are embarking on together. And aside from it being a delicious treat, having it tie into your wedding day color palette and aesthetic is super important. With there being so many cake options, deciding what kind of design and baker you want can be overwhelming sometimes! Here are some of our favorite cake design trends and bakers to give you some ideas!


An all-white look is super elegant and timeless! You can never go wrong with it! To elevate the look, you could add small details such as white beads, petals, or bows. There are many ways to include an all-white cake at your wedding while making sure it has details to make it pop! The first cake is from Marianne Tayloe Cake Design in Charlotte and the second cake is from Sweet Rhi in Charleston.

Floral Details

Florals are always an important part of your wedding day, so having them incorporated into your cake is the perfect way to tie everything together! Whether the florals are dramatic or simple on the cake, it is always the perfect go-to. Notice how the first cake has a lot of florals but not as much small detailing and the second cake has more small detailing and not as many florals! Also, having a floral arrangement surrounding the cake is always stunning! The first cake is also from Sweet Rhi in Charleston and the second cake is from Bonnie Brunt Cakes in Saint Matthews. 

Color Palette 

Including colored icing is always a fun way to glamorize your cake! Having that watercolor look is the perfect way to tie in your wedding day color palette! The cake colors can be as bright and bold or pastel as you want. You can also add smaller flowers or other details on the side such as small sweet treats to complete the cake table. Both of these cakes have hints of gold detailing which elevates the entire look! Both of these cakes are from Ally and Eloise Bakeshop in Columbia.

There is always the perfect cake that fits for you and your wedding day! We hope that these gorgeous designs and amazing bakers have given you some inspiration! Make sure to follow us @alexandramadisonweddings for more cake and wedding ideas!

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