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How to Incorporate the Holiday Season Into Your Wedding

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Having a wedding near the holiday season and want to incorporate festive decor? Here are quick ways to add festive elements to make your seasonal celebration even more memorable.

Incorporate winter colors

Red, blue, green, grey, purple, and anything in between is a perfect, simple way to incorporate winter colors into your wedding! Adding some neutral and natural accents will also enhance those colors to make your wedding feel warm and festive.


Style the invitations

These invitation detail photos will set the scene for your photo albums, so adding festive elements like rich colors, ornaments, ribbon, berries, and greenery will help incorporate the season.


Add festive cocktails

Incorporating eggnog, cranberry, or peppermint will add a little festivity to your holiday wedding bar! Even something as simple as champagne will add a dose of the holiday charm.


Incorporate velvet

Velvet is perfect for those fall and winter seasons with its heavy-woven fibers, velvet can be used on everything from the invites, to accessories, to furniture! It’s a great way to incorporate the holiday season through texture.


Set the table

This season is all about gathering, so make sure the table does just that! With greenery accents, winter colors, and festive cocktails you’ll be able to make the perfect gathering spot for your holiday wedding.



Katy Pennell

Karen Hindman

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