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Fun Groom + Groomsmen Ideas for the Morning of the Wedding

It is easy to imagine what a bride does on the morning of the wedding: celebrating with bridesmaids, getting her hair and makeup done, and spending time with the wedding photographer. But what about the groom and his groomsmen?

Generally, the groom and groomsmen have less responsibility prior to the wedding festivities, so they often have plenty of flexibility. It is just as important for the groom to feel celebrated and enjoy the day, including the time before the wedding. If you are struggling to think of suggestions for fun things for your groom and his groomsmen to do, AMW has you covered!

Follow along below for some unique suggestions for your groom and groomsmen on the morning of your big day!


A Group Workout

If the weather is nice, an outdoor, group fitness class is the perfect way to burn some calories and prepare for a night of dancing and great food. Regardless of whether your groomsmen are active gym members or not, working out together is a great way to boost endorphins before your big day! Group exercise options for the Columbia area include Temple Fitness and Cyclebar.



Playing a round on the morning of your wedding with the guys can be a good release for pre-nuptial nerves. It can also be a fun way to get the entire wedding party into town, hours before the ceremony.


Gentlemen’s Shave Club

It can be risky to trust your groom and his groomsmen to shave perfectly before your big day. Hiring a professional barber is the ideal solution to ensure your groom and his groomsmen have a fresh and clean look. A “Gentleman’s Shave Club” can provide an experience that makes the guys feel pampered too! In the Columbia area, we recommend checking out Southern Gentleman.


Finding a Fun Place to Get Ready

It is true that so much of the wedding industry caters to the bride-to-be. But what about the Groom? And his groomsmen? There are so many cool places for your groomsmen to get ready on your big day, just as your bridesmaids are. One of our personal favorites in the Charleston area is Haberdash.


Scotch + Tequila Tasting

Cheers! A scotch + tequila tasting screams “celebration,” which is exactly what your big day should be all about. This is a trendy option for your groom and groomsmen to share a drink and conversation the morning of the wedding.


Poker Tournament

Everyone loves a little friendly competition! If your groom and his groomsmen enjoy poker, a tournament is a good way to spend time while the ladies are getting ready. A tournament like this can start off the day in a fun way that will carry through the rest of your afternoon and evening.


So, while it is true that a lot of the wedding industry caters to the bride-to-be, it is just as important that the groom and his groomsmen find fun ways to celebrate the morning of the wedding. Connect with us and let us know what ideas you and your groom plan on using to celebrate your big day!


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