From The Pros: Jessica Hunt, Party Reflections Inc., & The Bubbly Bus

We sat down with wedding industry professionals to ask them questions all about their companies and the roles they play in a couple's special day.

Check out what these three amazing vendors said:

Jessica Hunt - Professional Photographer

Jessica is a wedding and lifestyle photographer based out of Columbia, South Carolina. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art with an emphasis in photography from the famous Southern liberal arts school, Columbia College. Jessica has been a wedding photographer for 8 years and shoots 20-25 South Carolina and destination weddings a year. She has been featured on The Knot, GWM, Catalyst, Southern Noir and more!

Question 1: Decode what "golden light" is and why so many photographers love timelines built around that.

"I love this question, because golden hour is one of my favorite times to photograph! Myself and other photographers love this time of day because it is the most flattering light for portraits. As the sun is setting, the light softens and changes to a warmer tone which is really complementary for portraits."

Question 2: We love your detail shots! But Etsy has so many. What are some key details you suggest we bring to the wedding day?

"Thank you so much! I absolutely love photographing a couple details. Prior to their wedding day I check in with them to remind them of a few key details to always bring for photos. Here's a list for you:

BRIDE: bride's dress, shoes, any jewelry for the day, a copy of the invitations, the full ring set, bride's bouquet, veil, any other special details

GROOM: his shoes, tie, jacket, boutonniere, cufflinks, watch, florals, the full ring set, and any special details"

Question 3: What is your favorite couple's moment to capture on camera?

"My absolute favorite moment to photograph a couple is in the middle of a good belly laugh. I absolutely love capturing joy and real emotion in my photos, and nothing makes me smile like capturing two lovers at their happiest."

Question 4: Dream location you've always wanted to shoot with a couple?

"Oh boy! This is actually a really hard one for me because I have so many dream locations. I can't decide on one so I'll have to tell you a few: Central Park, NYC, Paris, France and Yosemite National Park!"

Aimee Wicker - Corporate Business Development, Party Reflections Inc.

"Party Reflections, Inc. is a family owned and operated company with 4 locations, over 200 employees and a rich history beginning in Charlotte, NC." They have expanded to additional locations in Greensboro, Raleigh and Columbia, SC. SC Party Reflection rentals include items for Weddings, Sports Events, Festivals, Corporate, Social Events and Inspirational Shoots.

Question 1: As a rental company how do you keep track of the colors and trends each season?

"At Party Reflections we are blessed to have a large team of talented minds across the Carolinas. We all listen to different podcasts, follow blogs, and attend conferences throughout the year. As a rental industry we especially pay close attention to interior design trends. Event trends often take their lead from interior designers. It is our job to take those ideas and show how they can be applied on a much larger scale. Having multiple locations certainly gives us the benefit of being in tune with a variety of markets."

Question 2: How is the new product discovered and developed each year?

"We have an incredible team approach that simultaneously utilizes research and, what we lovingly call, 'gut'. We have found that while it is important to take market research to choose our staples, the big reward is when we follow our gut and become the trend setters. Our buyers attend national rental trade shows and national furniture markets each year. Upon their return from these events our talented team puts together collections to launch throughout the year. We try to find products that we can put with existing items in inventory. The more we do to utilize current inventory and broaden our product line, benefits the market and multiplies design concepts we are able to offer."

Question 3: How should couples calculate how much glassware they need on a bar?

"There are many things that contribute to this number but a good rule of thumb is 4 glasses per person. This equation will at least help you wrap your head around cost. After you select your bar needs your Bartending company will be able to help you split up the types/quantities."

Question 4: What is your current favorite linen/product at Party Reflections?

"Colored glassware are very on trend right now. The Essex Blue Glasses are unique and a statement piece to any table design. They look like something you would own personally. It's a great example of how home trends influence the rental market. Now you can host a large party and include something very chic and as if it was your own."

Madeline Harmon - The Bubbly Bus

The Bubbly Bus is a mobile bar company ready to bring bubbles and cheer to your next event! They have two different busses, equipped with taps, that serve different types of wines, beers, and cocktails. The Bubbly Bus serves events from weddings to backyard intimate parties. They are located in Columbia, South Carolina but can serve any party in any state.

Question 1: What is your favorite bubbly snack pairing?

"My favorite bubbly snack pairing is something salty to contrast with the bubbles. I love to pair a charcuterie board with prosciutto, a few different cheeses and almonds!"

Question 2: What is your favorite bubbly?

"I love all types of bubbly! One of my family's favorite travel destinations is to Napa and Sonoma. I love visiting wineries and sampling all of the different varieties! Two of my favorite spots are the Bubble Room at JCB and Domaine Chandon! Since we started The Bubbly Bus our clients favorite bubbly on tap is Zardetto Prosecco and it's really nice to sip by itself or combined with juice/mixers for a sparking cocktail!"

Question 3: How did you discover your passion for bubbly?

"I love bubbly because it reminds me of special occasions. But I also love that bubbly can make any occasion seem a bit more festive! We cherish being part of people's celebrations and feel honored that they choose us to bring the bubbles!"

Question 4: What are some fun cocktails you've had the bus to serve?

"We love coming up with the perfect cocktail to kick off your event! We served at the SC Governor's Conference on Tourism and Travel and created a fresh peach bellini to represent our state fruit! We've also done mimosa bars with various juices and fruit. We've worked with clients to create seasonal cocktails at receptions. Our Benton bus also can serve a craft cocktail on tap!"

Question 5: What types of terrain can it go on for future brides wanting it?

"Because our Original and Benton bus are vintage, they are not able to drive all over terrain. As in, they are not able to drive over curbs, steep inclines or through pot holes. They are able to drive in most yards, land, fields, etc.."

The Pros:

Jessica Hunt Photography

Party Reflections, Inc.

The Bubbly Bus


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