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Changing Wedding Trends with the Change in Season

Updated: May 23

Trends in weddings can vary widely and they seem to never stop evolving as the seasons change. Some trends tend to be everlasting, while others emerge suddenly and gain popularity quickly. Here are some wedding trends that you won't want to miss over the summer!

Champagne Towers

A champagne tower is a fun addition to any summer wedding celebration! A champagne tower is not only exciting but also a beautiful and memorable centerpiece for your wedding. This trend is perfect in capturing memorable moments of the bride and groom popping the bottle and pouring  champagne!

Piper Warlick Photography Sacia Matthews Photography

Vintage Cake

Absolutely, bringing back vintage charm with a classic wedding cake. It’s an everlasting and elegant choice for any wedding celebration.

Wyeth Augustine Courtney Price Photography


Pearls have been a classic choice for weddings for decades, and they continue to be a timeless and elegant option for brides. Now, brides are opting for the pearl aesthetic whether it’s utilized for accents or decided upon as a wedding theme. It is enduring but is especially in style for weddings this summer. Brides may want to incorporate this trend through jewelry, purses, veils, shoes, decor, etc.

Rebecca Sigety Photography Jessica Roberts Photography

Reception Outfit Change

Why pick one outfit when you can have two! This trend allows the bride to have the best of both worlds: the traditional elegance of the ceremony dress and the comfort and style of a different outfit for dancing the night away. Absolutely loving this trend and the excitement it brings.

Richard Bell Photography

Kylie Anne Photography

Southern Blue Themes

The southern blue theme is an excellent and beloved choice for weddings this summer. It can be showcased through decor, stationary, floral arrangements and more. This is perfect for presenting the southern charm aesthetic with its elegance and timelessness.

Rebecca Sigety Photography

Jessica Roberts Photography

Exciting Exit

Exiting a wedding in style adds a touch of magic to an already unforgettable day. Whether it's sparklers illuminating the night, bubbles floating through the air, or a classic vintage car whisking the newlyweds away, it creates a moment that will be cherished forever. Plus, it's a fantastic photo opportunity, capturing the joy and excitement of the newly married couple as they begin their journey together.

Brandi Sission Photography

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