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Forest Lake Club Wedding Review

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

We're excited to introduce you to Taylor and Andrew! These newlyweds got married at St. Martins-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church and had their reception at Forest Lake Club in Columbia, SC. We were delighted to help them plan their big day and can't wait to show our favorite details!

The Proposal

Andrew noticed Taylor on LinkedIn and was immediately attracted to her. Although, after their first date, there weren't any sparks. A year later they went on a "second first date" where they have been 'going steady' ever since! On their second anniversary, Taylor was sent on a day-long scavenger hunt where they celebrated throughout the day. Andrew kept Taylor on her toes though by giving hints throughout the hunt! While they walked to dinner, Andrew stopped in the middle of traffic in Charleston and got down on one knee to propose. Taylor was ecstatic! After she said yes, Taylor turned to then see that Andrew has the marquee at the American Theater with “Taylor Gibbons ‘SBT’ Will You Marry Me?,” SBT being a nickname he gave Taylor, Sweet Baby Tay! "It was perfect," said Taylor.


The Location

There was never a question when it came to picking a location. They knew exactly where they wanted to celebrate their big day! They got married at St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church. The same church where Taylor's parents got married, where her grandparents are buried, where Taylor was baptized and confirmed, and where her mom and dad both served on pastor search committees and taught youth Sunday school. They celebrated their marriage at Forest Lake Club, where Taylor and her family have been members since 1996. It was the perfect place to celebrate, especially because they have many family and friends around the area!


The Fashion

Taylor found a modified A-line with a high illusion neckline that ended up being below her budget! Taylor was sold on the idea that she could modify the back to make it an illusion mermaid style. Taylor found a beaded back necklace from an Ella Rosa gown that she bought individually and added it onto the dress to go with a look different than other gowns!

Andrew wore a suit with a tie from Brackish Bowties, a craftsmanship shop in Charleston, South Carolina!

The bridesmaids wore different dresses to match Taylor and Andrew's colors. Taylor was obsessed with velvet for the fall, and the bridesmaids too! They all chose their favorite dresses that matched the theme but also wore styles they were comfortable in. They all looked great in their mismatched dresses!


The Style

Taylor and Andrew wanted to bring the outdoors in. Their wedding style was described as a 'secret garden' with mauve and pops of eggplant. With a traditional structure with the church wedding and country club reception, the couple wanted to include greenery everywhere including the fireplace, the bar, the chandelier, and the hanging adorned cake. Since the wedding took place in the fall, the couple wanted to include velvet textures as well. Velvet linens adorned with greenery ties incorporated that fall vibe.


The Florals

Vicki Walker, with Carolina Blossoms, did a great job incorporating all the greenery Taylor and Andrew wanted! They had greenery lining the railings on the way into the reception space, beautiful foliage ties around the cocktail tables, atop the champagne shelving, and asymmetrical on the fireplace in the country club lobby. There was also a huge installation on the chandelier in the ballroom, with greenery lining the mirrors on the sides of the ballroom and encompassing the hanging cake stand. Tall geometric vases in the center of four main tables with large cascading arrangements of garden roses, amnesia roses, pink and green hydrangeas, silver dollar eucalyptus. The bridal bouquet was primarily amnesia roses with some lighter pink garden roses in a traditional bouquet style and the bridesmaids' were a smaller version of the same. Taylor loved how unique amnesia roses are and thought the color was perfect for their wedding palette.


The Reception

Andrew and Taylor brought a southern tradition into their wedding day called 'buried the bourbon.' This tradition is where the couple buries a bourbon bottle upside down a month before the wedding ceremony. The hope was that it will bring good luck to the weather on their wedding day. The tradition worked, and Andrew and Taylor shared a shot before walking into the reception together!

During the reception, Andrew and Taylor had a live painter paint their reception as the night went on. After the reception, the couple got to keep their painting as a reminder of their special day, painted exactly as it happened!

The wedding guests danced the night away to the band, The Root Doctors. The guests and wedding party had a great night, despite it being a micro wedding!


The Exit

Taylor and Andrew exited their wedding with a bubble send-off! The couple got into a gorgeous vintage getaway car and drove into their happy ever after!



Brianna McCarthy Photography

The Root Doctors

Bonnie Brunt Cakes

Charmingly Southern Rentals

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