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AMW's Guide to Wedding Guest Attire

As a guest at a wedding there is one thing that many always ask: What do I wear? While it is difficult to know exactly what to wear to a wedding, most brides will set a dress code such as black tie formal or sundress casual. Even with a dress code in place, it can be confusing to know exactly what to wear.

The first and foremost rule of wedding guest attire is to never wear white to a wedding! Otherwise, guest attire should be appropriate for the occasion and never take attention away from the couple! When choosing what to wear think of the location, weather, and dress code in order to decide what will not only be comfortable, but functional for celebrating the couple on their special day.

For male guests a suit is typically appropriate attire and you can add different details like belts, ties, and nice shoes to complete your look!

Here are some examples from some of our weddings:

Photo by Courtney Price Photography