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A Guide to Planning the Perfect Holiday Proposal

Throughout November until February, over 35% of engagements happen! The holiday season is such a special time for so many people to reminisce on the memories that they share as a couple with their families. There are many facets to think about for a holiday proposal and AMW wants to help you plan it perfectly!


Think about the Big Picture

A big reason why couples get engaged during the holiday season is because they will have a lot of people they love and care about around them. If couples want a more intimate moment together, we suggest the proposal happen before the holiday event so then they have the ability to spend that special day with all of their loved ones after the proposal. Things to consider include why you and your partner love to spend the holidays together, who will definitely be in attendance for the holiday event, if you want them all there for the proposal and where the proposal should take place.


Plan each and every detail

Couples remember the day they get engaged for the rest of their lives! There are many key details that are essential to make this day go by very smoothly. You should hire a photographer, secure a venue/location with a date and time, and the biggest of all… you need a ring! Ensure the ring, make sure it is the correct size, and get ready to pop the question.


Channel creativity in order to reflect on your best memories together

What is very special about the proposal is that no matter who is witnessing it, it is all about the couple and the next chapter of their love story. Use raw, special feelings from intimate moments spent together, and take the time while the proposal happens in order to tell that story and give a poignant speech!


Honor the moment and get to planning!

When the proposal is done it is time to spend that time with family and reflect, as well as look forward to this next chapter together! As you get the proposal pictures back, think about moving forward with planning the big day. Most engaged couples end up securing a date for their wedding over a year in advance, so it is never too early to plan. Make sure to look for a planner, start looking at inspirational boards, and don’t forget to savor the engagement.



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