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4 Ways To Incorporate Your Pet Into Your Wedding Day!

There are many ways to incorporate your furry friend on your wedding day, even without them being there. We all know having certain pets at weddings can cause...challenges. That's why we love incorporating our pets in these fun and unique ways! Here are four ways to include your pet on your wedding day.

Signature cocktails

Naming a signature cocktail after your pet or pets is such a fun way to include them in the decor! This is a great way for your wedding guests to see them. If you have a signature cocktail, you can also have the design on cups, koozies, and napkins. This allows your pet to be all over your wedding!

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Walking down the aisle

Being the flower girl or the ring bearer is a fun and interactive way to have your pet at your wedding. Have them walk down with the groomsmen or bridesmaids! You can even have the dress up to match the theme of your wedding.

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Feature Them on Your Cake!

Wedding cakes are frosted with flowers, designs, pearls, and more. If your furry friends can not attend your wedding, putting them on your cake or dessert is another perfect way! This is guaranteed to be the talk of your wedding reception. Here are some fun ways to add your pets to your wedding cake.

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Do a First Look with Your Pets!

First looks with your pets are a good way to get fun candids. This is best if you want to avoid having your pet in the ceremony or reception. Seeing your pets on your wedding day is rare; this could be a fun way to have them be a part of your special day.

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On your wedding day, you want to include all your loved ones, including your special furry loved ones! Having one of these ideas come to life at your wedding will be an unforgettable memory for you, your guests, and your pet!

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