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Our Decor Collection

Are you ready to begin designing your dream wedding? Our decor collection is the perfect place to start! AMW has a wide range of decor that will fit any brides style.

Many items such as lanterns, signs, and votives are a great addition to your special day, but what are you going to do with 100 candles after your wedding? Our decor collection allows you to pick and choose items that will enhance your day, without having to purchase it yourself.

We offer access to our whole decor collection for a flat fee. Once we have an idea of what you are looking for, we can then create a decor map and show you exactly what items we can bring on your big day!

AMW is constantly looking to update our decor collection to reflect the latest trends. Find something you love, but don't want to purchase? Talk with us and if it's an item that can be reused, we can purchase it and add it to our collection.

Take a look at some of our items in action:


Cake Stands


Ginger Jars

Styling Accents


Go check out our decor collection on our website for more to make your dream wedding a reality!


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