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How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Cake!

Aside from being a tasty dessert, cakes are traditionally used to celebrate milestones. Of course your wedding is a very important milestone in your life and you should have the perfect cake to make your day a little bit sweeter! In addition to the fun and flavor, wedding cakes are an amazing tradition. Whether full of detail or simple and sleek, in history, a wedding cake represents much more. In Roman times, grains of wheat represented fertility and were at weddings as a sign of best wishes to a couple starting a family. The bride and groom would eat wheat cake as a sign of unity. Over time this tradition evolved into the celebration we now know, of having a delicious and beautiful wedding cake. Here are some wedding cakes that we can’t take our eyes off of!


Absolutely in love with this bow on a four tiered cake. The four tiers allow for the bow to be big and long which we think adds such a classy look. All together this cake is both elegant and fun with the traditional white color and gorgeous long bow. We especially love this if the brides dress has a bow on the back!

Pop of Color

It is hard not to obsess over the different ways to incorporate pops of color on your wedding day. We absolutely love how these cakes both show color in such different ways. The use of fruit on your cake can symbolize freshness for the newly weds' new beginning while also adding color! This is an amazing idea especially in the spring and summertime. The cake on the right uses frosting to add color and we just love the creativity! The pattern is perfectly places but at the same time abstract and different!


As you can see, florals on cakes can be done in a ton of different ways. You can do just a few, or an entire flower meadow! Florals can be fun and aesthetically pleasing in bundles as well as each stem standing individual all around the cake. Bright and different color flowers on your cake are an amazing way to tie in the rest of your wedding colors. We also love how the second photo above uses natural earth tone flowers, each standing up with the stem. No matter what kind, flowers on a wedding cake make a gorgeous statement at your reception.

Personal and Meaningful

Personalized decorations on a wedding cake are an amazing way to display the nature of a couple. We just love how this pet loving couple included their dogs on their cake, even having them seen as taking a bite out of the cake. Don't worry, it's not chocolate!


These three tiered cakes are absolutely gorgeous. The gold details on each of them add the perfect glamorous touch and matched the couples vibes so well! The gold foiling was a perfect way to vamp their wedding cakes while still being subtle and classy. The smooth icing creates a clean look and the gold ties the extravagant look together.

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