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A Guide For The First Time Best Man/Maid of Honor - How to Go Above and Beyond

If your best friend is tying the knot and now you’ve found yourself in the hot seat, you have come to the right place! Whether you’re the best man or the maid of honor, these positions both entail a lot of responsibility and it’s easy to get lost in the chaos of your friend’s special day. It’s an honor being chosen to serve in one of these positions, yet sometimes it can feel like there are huge shoes to fill. The good news is, AMW is here with tips and tricks to make sure you don’t miss anything in preparation for this special celebration!


For the Best Man

A Gift for the Groom

It’s pretty well known that the groom will get gifts for all of his groomsmen, but what about a little something special from his best man? We say yes! Consider it as a thank you for choosing you as his right-hand man through one of his most memorable days. This doesn’t have to be anything crazy, but a few ideas could be a personalized lighter, cufflinks, socks, or flask.

Check-In with the Bride

Want to get on her good side? This is your way in! There’s no one better to ask what’s expected from you as the best man than the woman whom the groom loves. Chances are, she can give you a good idea of what her husband-to-be will need from you leading up to the big day. She will be the best person to ask for tips to make sure he is well taken care of! Plus, bonus points for getting to know the bride better!

Get to Know the Vendors Helping with the Wedding

With wedding planners, bands, caters, photographers, and venue managers, there’s a lot of people to keep up with. Simply introducing yourself beforehand and exchanging contact info could be a huge help to the bride, groom, and even the vendors. Plus, getting to know more people never hurts anyone.

Arrange a Post-Reception After Party

And the party goes on! By arranging a post-reception party, we mean find a bar and car service that will still be open. Of course, the bride and groom have their own getaway plans, however, not many typically think of how the bridal party will arrive at their next destination. Now, no ones expecting anything extravagant but there's nothing worse than sitting around for 30 minutes trying to figure out where to head next. Just search for a place that’s open and make plans for one more round!


For the Maid of Honor

Decorate the Wedding Night Suite

Everyone spends so much time prepping for the wedding day that not many think about what happens afterward. In your free time, have the bridal party help you decorate the bride and groom's suite, without them knowing of course! This little act of kindness is sure to brighten the end of their night. Even adding simple elements such as flowers, balloons or desserts will definitely be appreciated!

Attend Some Appointments if She Needs You

As I’m sure you know, the bride can get consumed with the many appointments of meeting with the wedding planner, touring venues, dress fittings, and more. Offering to join her is never a bad idea! Not only that, but as the maid of honor your opinion is highly valued and she will be thankful to have company and a second opinion as there are many details that go into a wedding day!

Get in Touch with the Mother of the Bride

If you’re not already close with her mom, chances are you will be by the end of the wedding. Staying in close contact with the bride's mom can be a huge help when it comes to getting the inside scoop on family traditions, expectations, and asking for advice on surprises for the bride. A mother always knows best, right?

Be There for Her

Be there for the bride through all of the ups and downs. While getting ready for the special day is one of the most exciting planning processes, it can be very stressful especially if things go awry. Instead of asking generic questions, we’ve noticed that pinpointing certain tasks to assist the bride with can be extremely helpful. For example, even a small task of taking her dress to be dry cleaned after the big day could be so helpful! Always keep in mind, your ultimate job as a maid of honor is to serve as an asset to your bestie!


Most importantly of all, enjoy the day with the wedding party and have the best time celebrating the bride and groom! Make some memories with your best friends on such a special day!


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